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Do you have responsibility for a multicultural team? Do you work with colleagues or customers from other cultures? Are you relocating to live or work in a different culture? Are you relocating international staff into the UK?



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About expatknowhow

Our own cross-cultural experience is at the heart of our expatClaire Snowdon, MD of expatknowhow services.

Principal Claire Snowdon introduces expatknowhow:

The services of expatknowhow are evolved from my own personal experiences as an expat living and working in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East over a period of 20 years, and from my eventual repatriation to the UK.

During my time overseas I worked as a senior executive managing change programmes and culturally diverse groups. I also trained, placed and supported cross-functional teams across China, Egypt, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Maldives, Pakistan and Swaziland.

Thanks to my time abroad, and the agility and problem-solving approach I developed in adapting to living and working in different countries, expatknowhow can call upon an international network of associates whose experience complements my own.

It all adds up to a collective expertise that can facilitate any move abroad – or return home – while really helping businesses and individuals get the most from an overseas posting.

More about Claire:

As well as her overseas business experience and professional degree, Claire is an experienced coach and mentor. She holds a certificate in cross-cultural training and is also a certified trainer on Argonaut™, an online intercultural assessment tool.

Claire developed her high-level business and management experience working in both the U.K and U.S retail sector. She has worked on multi-million dollar programmes for a Fortune 500 company in Portugal, Israel, Sri Lanka and as a Group Director based in Hong Kong, where she led a large team of associates, located in Hong Kong, South China and Sri Lanka.

Claire returned to the UK and settled in Oxfordshire in 2009, where she established Expat Know How and also became an accredited Export Communications Adviser and a Director of the International Communications Adviser Network I-CAN Global, a UK-wide network of accredited advisers offering the ICR (International Communications Review), analysis and guidance to help exporters expand international sales. The network is formed from the expert team that developed and delivered the DIT (Department of International Trade, formerly UKTI) highly regarded ECR (Export Communications Review) programme that ran from 1996 to 2016 and related workshops in international optimisation.

Claire is a Director of OIBC (Oxfordshire International Business Club) and the current chair of the Oxfordshire  CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development).

Claire has a passion for travel and diverse cultures and continues to follow her life-long ambition, to visit all the Wonders of the World - ancient, modern, forgotten and natural.