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Do you have responsibility for a multicultural team? Do you work with colleagues or customers from other cultures? Are you relocating to live or work in a different culture? Are you relocating international staff into the UK?



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United Kingdom: Establishing a home & lifestyle in Oxfordshire

US to UK: Crossing the cultural pond

Culture and Communication in Virtual Teams

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expatknowhow Case Studies

At expatknowhow, the nature of our work means that every project we undertake is completely different. One of the keys to our success is the flexibility of the service we offer our clients and our ability to create a bespoke response designed to meet specific objectives.

To the right you can read details on some recent projects that we have delivered by downloading case studies. Simply click on the Case Study you would like to download.

Below you can read some of the testimonials that our clients have been kind enough to give us.

We would love to welcome your business to expatknowhow and help you to make your relocation and cross-cultural relationships as effective as possible.

Take the first step on your journey and contact us now by email or call +44 (0)1235 855236


Read some of our success stories, helping clients live and work overseas.

"I am considering a project which would involve doing business in China. I approached Expat Know How to gain an insight into the pro's and con's of doing business with China. They enlightened me about the common faux pas, cultural differences, language choices, technology and payment preferences. They answered all my questions and provided answers to questions I would never have known to ask -A thoroughly useful service and hopefully one that will save me from making costly mistakes in the future."

   Jane Sheehan - author, teacher and foot reader - footreading.com

"I found the half day Hong Kong Orientation programme that was prepared and delivered by expatknowhow to be invaluable. I particularly liked the responsive and flexible approach, which incorporated valuable information and support for both my husband's job, as well as mine and the family relocation needs. I would recommend this service to any wives or families who are preparing to relocate and become expats."

   Mei Lin Longuet Layton – Expat wife relocated to Hong Kong

"The Online Intercultural Assessment and Skills Development Programme that I went through was very helpful with understanding a foreign country culture and the business scenario and role playing helped to prepare me for my new business role in Hong Kong. I particularly found the personal service and one to one time and discussions invaluable. It is also helpful to know that I can go back to the online reference library for the next few months, in case a new question or issue arises."

   Brian Walker - LTE L1 Project Manager – picoChip

"I found the cultural advice provided by Expat Know How to be invaluable when dealing with my foreign customers. It is so easy to misinterpret behaviours and styles of communication which may to an English person seem rude and confrontational, which are in actual fact just the way people from that country do business. No insult is intended, they are just used to cutting out the chat and being completely direct. By being properly culturally briefed and prepared you do not run the risk of losing deals because of misunderstanding communication and meeting styles."

   Andrew Wood -Managing Director – The ORIS Group UK

"I have just gone through the process of employing my first person, and with him being Polish, I asked Claire of Expat Know How for her help with regards to cultural information."

The cultural know-how document that was produced was very clear, insightful and helped enormously with the interview process.

I now understand what makes him tick, and he has turned out to be a great first appointment.

Thank you very much for your help in making this decision an easy one.'

   Mat Dickson - Mat Dickson Furniture UK

"We found ourselves in uncharted territory, selling a customer loyalty technology into an Israeli company. Luckily I met Claire from Expat Knowhow and she provided me with an absolutely essential guide to the way Israeli's do business. The guide included a cultural background, insights into communication, responsibility, tasks and problem solving. It was a real eye opener and allowed us to approach our prospect in an informed way."

"Crucially we were able to understand where our contact fitted in and rate the chances of success based on all of Claire's first class information."

   Adrian Allen -Akriga Ltd UK "Building sales from scratch"

"I had the pleasure to work with Claire of Expat Know How on her intercultural training program, which I found very impressive. She brings all the expertise and experience needed to ensure a perfect training for people wanting to understand different cultures or relocate to another country for work or migration. She is very keen on helping you to reach your goal. I can highly recommend her."

   Dirk Horbach – Account Director -Telecom Global Service Industry (Germany)

"Claire Snowdon of Expat Know How is a very professional and dedicated coach. The Online Intercultural Assessment and Coaching Program was very helpful with understanding a foreign country culture and prepared me to live and work in China. I was very happy with the program as Claire analyzed my cultural differences while I was coached on applicable strategies. I would highly recommend these services anytime."

    Sarah Belkin – Graduate (USA)

"Claire of Expat Know How is a true expert regarding the expatriation and repatriation processes. Her extensive experience living and working abroad; in a variety of locations, has allowed her the hands on experience necessary to really understand the ins and outs of relocating. Claire's attention to detail, sensitivity to potential stress situations and innovative solutions, make her the perfect partner to insure a smooth relocation. Having seen her in action with my associate who relocated to Hong Kong, I highly recommend her services."

   Margaret Maclay – MD Maclay Associates (USA)