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Do you have responsibility for a multicultural team? Do you work with colleagues or customers from other cultures? Are you relocating to live or work in a different culture? Are you relocating international staff into the UK?



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Expert Training for Any Intercultural Situation

Training: For Individuals

When exposure to a new culture is likely to be long-term or even permanent – the result perhaps of relocation, or frequent business visits – individuals will require more than a superficial understanding of cultural differences. To address cultural immersion, expatknowhow can deliver highly flexible training solutions, tailored to the host culture and the specific requirements of the individual concerned.

For business executives, these one to one programmes can be structured so that content focuses clearly on business related issues, but they are equally effective for addressing more general concerns around the practicalities of creating a lifestyle in a new culture. Our online intercultural assessment tool is central to this type of training; we use it to help us to build a profile of the individual, ascertain where skills are required, and structure our solution accordingly. Training can be delivered in a coaching or mentoring style, depending on which is more appropriate to the situation.

Training: For Teams

As businesses extend their international reach, and workers take advantage of global mobility, teams are increasingly likely to comprise individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, team members may not always be colocated; their talents may be brought together to create a virtual or remote team, perhaps working across international borders and time zones.

Whatever the structure, location or cultural make up of these new types of teams, they present distinct challenges that can restrict performance; to realise their full potential, team managers and members need to develop an understanding of cultural differences and learn new skills to help improve inter-team communications and strengthen relationships.

expatknowhow delivers bespoke support and training for cross-cultural, multicultural, virtual and remote teams. Our programs increase cultural awareness, improve communications, and help team members from culturally diverse backgrounds work together more effectively.

Training: For Business Trips

Perhaps you need to strengthen or develop relationships with overseas clients, prospects or suppliers, break into new markets, or prepare for a meeting, conference or trade show. Whatever reasons might lie behind your business trip, you will need to make sure you have a good understanding of the culture you are going to be dealing with.

From culture to culture, there are pronounced differences in business protocols and styles of working that have the potential to interfere with the clarity of communications and lead to misunderstandings.

expatknowhow will equip you with all the knowledge, skills and intelligence you need to make your business trip a success. Focusing on your objectives, we will provide precisely the cross-cultural or multicultural training programme you need to build confidence, increase understanding and enhance business results.

contact us today by email or telephone +44 (0)1235 855236 to start your journey to successful understanding.

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